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Even though the development of the C37 was stopped a few weeks ago, new parts are still arriving on the Swiss car.

Small winglets were fixed on the edges of the cockpit, just in front of the mirrors. They were torn off in the collision between Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso. The Spanaird's McLaren hit the Sauber, close to the dirver's helmet, as was evidenced by the black marks on the Halo (see the yellow arrow on the bottom image).

Cautious about the role of Halo in this incident, the FIA will examine the part with the team in order to draw the right conclusions:

“We’ve had a cursory examination of the parts. It’s a little early to say. The high-speed camera won’t tell us an awful lot. The onboard camera that we’ve seen so far is not particularly clear. What is clear is the significant tyre marks on both the chassis and the Halo. We take lots of photographs and our researchers will be contacting Sauber tomorrow morning [Monday] just to make sure we understand, for example, when they take the Halo off, try and see if the fixing and the bolts that fix it are in good shape.”

“And, more importantly, to see if it’s been distorted. It’s being held in by the bolts at present, but see if it springs into a different shape and we can try and learn whatever we can from that. But it looks like it had a pretty hefty whack. […] All we can try to do is to gather as much information as we can, of course. Which helps us as we’re in the process of beginning development of Halo Four, so the more we can get, the better.”