Pure F1 feelings have changed - Alonso

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Fernando Alonso says the pure feelings of driving in F1 have significantly changed over the past ten years.

Mark Webber told F1i this week he wants the sport “to be awesome again”, believing too much of the ultimate performance and sound from the cars has been lost in recent years. Alonso - who made his debut in 2001 - admits the way the sport has evolved has tempered the sensation for a driver behind the wheel but insists Formula One remains the pinnacle of racing.

“I think the cars are different – slower, heavier…” Alonso said. “In China, the pace in the race was 1min 43 and in 2004 the pace was 1min 33, so it is 10secs difference. When you drive 10 seconds slower you don’t have the same feelings, but on the other hand the DNA of the sport remains the same, which is competing against the others, beating the others and being cleverer than the others.

“When I go go-karting with friends, I have so much fun and I am doing 50kph, so it doesn’t matter how much quicker or slower you are, you just enjoy the competition. In terms of pure F1 feelings, as a driver we are definitely slower.”

And Alonso says he doesn’t think he is influential enough to try and instigate change in the sport if he wanted to.

“It is tough. As a driver, you are in position to ask for many things, but there is so much interest, businesses and manufacturers in the sport, they are more powerful than a driver’s opinion. You enjoy driving even go-karts, so it just a matter of trying to win.”

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