Wehrlein swaps seats for second day

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After posting the best time for Mercedes on Tuesday's rain-hit first day of testing at the Red Bull Ring, Pascal Wehrlein was strapped into the Force India for 132 laps on Wednesday.

The German manufacturer's reserve driver ended up fifth fastest and satisfied overall with another heavy day of work.

"It was good that I could get so many laps together because yesterday it was difficult with the conditions, but today I learned a lot," Wehrlein said. "I couldn't learn as much as I wanted yesterday and the team couldn't either, so today was definitely better and helped me a lot."

In a test earlier in the year, Wehrlein had also jumped from the Mercedes to the Force India, assuming the alternation with a short period of adaptation.

"For sure the cars are different, and the teams have different programs but it's really hard to compare the cars. It's always a bit hard to come back from the Mercedes car, you have to switch back, and then also switch from one team to the other. But at the end you only need a few laps and you're back in it."

In spite of his good mileage and indisputable talent, Pascal Wehrlein's future F1 plans appear uncertain at the moment, with the German certainly eager to step up to the role of fully fledged Grand Prix driver but also realistic about the opportunities currently available.

"I want to drive F1 for sure, and this was the last test for this year. I have a few more DTM races where I would like to get good results, and we'll see what happens for next year."

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