Brawn working to avoid F1/MotoGP date clashes

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F1 sporting manager Ross Brawn is in talks with his MotoGP counterpart Carmelo Ezpeleta to discuss how the two series can work together in the future to avoid detrimental  date clashes.

Formula 1's first two races of the season were held on the same weekend as MotoGP rounds while there will be six more clashes this season between the two championhsips.

Brawn said he met with Ezpeleta over the Spanish Grand Prix weekend to  initiate discussions and see "how we can learn from what each of us does".

"We’re not too proud to consult with other championships and work out the best way forward," Brawn told Reuters.

"It's difficult to juggle dates, and you can’t always achieve what you want, but at least we’re having a dialogue to try and work it out."

Brawn also touched on the subject of Formula 1's revenue distribution structure and the need for a more equitable payout scheme, although the Brit insisted there would no big changes in the short-term.

"There’s not going to be a revolution in Formula 1 where suddenly we come up with a big change and everything gets better," he said.

"It’s going to be a constant process. Until we get the capacity to really understand the direction the sport should change to, we’re not going to change any of the big things. It’s just too risky."

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