More IndyCar stars hit back over Hamilton comments

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Lewis Hamilton's dismissive comments about IndyCar racing have been rebuked by two more of the US open wheel series' stars.

Hamilton had previously told L’Equipe magazine that Fernando Alonso's success in the Indy 500 - right up to the moment his engine failed - showed that the standard of Formula 1 drivers was higher than in IndyCar.

His comments had already been already criticised by 2013 Indianapolis 500 winner Tony Kanaan. The veteran Brazilian star said: "The guy competed in a two-car world championship last year and was second, so I don't think he can say much."

Now two more long-serving IndyCar stars have voiced their opinions about Hamilton's comments.

“It’s funny hearing comments about the depth of our field from someone that only has to race three other cars,” said Canadian racer James Hinchcliffe.

And Graham Rahal, who won Saturday's IndyCar race in Detroit - was equally annoyed.

“When I saw Lewis Hamilton’s comment, you guys know me, it took me everything I had in my body not to say something," said Rahal.

Rahal is the son of Bobby Rahal, who briefly competed in Formula 1 in the 1970s and subsequently part of Jaguar F1 management.

"Legitimately, in Formula 1, over his entire career, it’s been a two-car race. Four max," he continued. "IndyCar racing, this is the seventh race, seventh different winner. That doesn’t happen in other motor sports. Period.

"No matter what anybody wants to say, it’s a great form of motor sports," Rahal insisted.

“I can’t imagine the feeling of going to each and every race weekend and knowing that all I got to do is beat my teammate and I’m going to win. But that doesn’t happen here.

Rahal suggested that Scott Dixon should be viewed as one of the best drivers in the world.

"Look, the truth? I put Scott Dixon in a Mercedes all day long, and Lewis is going to have more than he really wants to deal with. I can guarantee you that. Maybe not me, but Scott Dixon."

Dixon came second in Saturday's race less than a week after suffering a terrifying accident in the Indy 500

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