Verstappen targets Red Bull wins towards end of season

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Max Verstappen says that he's hoping Red Bull will be in a position to content for victories toward the end of 2017.

Currently the team is still a long way off in terms of performance to front runners Ferrari and Mercedes. Verstappen's best result was third place in China, but he's also had two DNFs in the first six races.

Aware that the team's TAG Heuer-badged Renault engine currently doesn't have the speed necessary to contend for a win, the Dutch teenager said he hopes that will change over the summer.

“At the moment that's still not the case, we have to focus race by race if we can improve on the car," he told this week.

“We need more grip on the car. As soon as we have more grip then even if the car drives a bit differently I'll adapt to the situation. I think that's the key.”

Asked what would constitute a successful outcome for the season, Verstappen replied: "If we close the gap, and that we're fighting for victories at the end of the season."

Even though Verstappen is aware that it will be too soon to vie for victory next weekend in Canada, he's still looking forward to the race.

"There is always a big crowd at the Canadian Grand Prix, especially at turns one and two," he said. "You can feel the atmosphere when you’re in the car.

"One of my favourite points on the track is also one of the trickiest - and that’s the last chicane.

"You arrive at the braking point at very high speed and the brakes can be quite cold," he explained. "It’s tricky to really nail this corner.

"It’s always good when you come out in front. There are also tight walls on the exit of the chicane. You should be careful not to brush these as it is easy to damage a wheel rim.

"As usual the cars will run slightly less downforce in Canada so they will be a little looser under braking.

"But we have more grip this year, so it should be more comfortable for everyone compared to 2016."

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