Honda to bring 'some kind of improvement' to Baku


It won't be the long awaited break-through in performance and reliability that McLaren is longing for, but Honda will deliver an upgrade in Baku.

The Japanese manufacturer has put the carrot in front of McLaren's nose on multiple occasions this season only to disappoint and frustrate its partner.

This time appears to be different however, with Honda F1 boss Yusuke Hasegawa adamant that an update will be implemented this week in Azerbaijan.

"There will be some kind of improvement in the combustion engine in Baku," Hasegawa told Japanese publication Sportiva.

"I don't know if you can call it specification three, but we'll definitely introduce something even if it is intermediate," Hasegawa added.

The report said Honda has been working hard on 'specification three' at Sakura to address the current power unit's problems, including excessive vibration and a 90hp performance deficit.

But Hasegawa predictably played down hopes the new engine will completely end Honda's 2017 troubles.

"If you improve the combustion engine, the temperature of the exhaust decreases by being more efficient, which reduces the energy recovered through the turbo and MGU-H, making it necessary to change these parts too.

"The situation is more complicated than people can imagine," he added.

For many, the McLaren-Honda relationship has reached the point of no return. Regardless of what happens in the upcoming races, the partnership is likely headed for a split.

It appears to be a matter of 'when' rather than a matter of 'if'.


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