Baku alters Turn 8 following driver requests


The FIA fulfilled a request for change at Baku's tricky Turn 8 following complaints from several drivers, including Sergio Perez who was caught out by the corner in free practice yesterday.

Turn 8 has subsequently been widened by a reduction of the inside kerb.

Perez spoke to FIA race director Charlie Whiting following his mishap in Friday's FP1 session, asking for an alteration to the treacherous corner.

"The kerb is quite difficult, and it’s not so easy to ride that for us," said Perez.

"It’s quite narrow and we asked Charlie to try to have a look to see if we can change it because we all feel that it’s quite narrow and very easy to make a mistake.

"I think he’ll have a look and will try to improve it for us."

Whiting did indeed proceed with the requested change.

"The kerb on the apex of Turn 8 has been shortened and the track edge re-aligned," the race director revealed. 

One additional row of TecPro barriers have been inserted on the first part of the barrier on the exit of Turn 8 (not the last part)."

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