Vettel delighted to answer Ferrari's critics on the track

Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, are the top three in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix
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Sebastian Vettel pulled off a dominating performance in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix. It was the perfect comeback by Ferrari after they struggled in the last race at Silverstone.

"The car to be honest all day today has been incredible," beamed a delighted Vettel. "I think we did a good step forward, really enjoyable.

"I like this track a lot. To have the car in the right window, to have the sun shining, to have people around, that's what it's about. It was really big fun.

"Obviously a front row for us, which is incredible. And now we're looking forward to tomorrow.

It was seamless in terms of that we didn’t have any problems," he added. "I felt quite good in the car from Q1 onwards and we did the laps we had to do.

“In Q3 I was fairly confident, very happy with the first run, I knew there was still a little bit, so I went flat out for the second [lap].

“I looked up and didn’t know who was behind me," he continued. "When I saw it was two reds in the first two positions, at the same time the radio opened and there was a big scream!

"It was really nice. It’s only Saturday and there’s nothing to get today, other than the best position - but we did that!"

Ferrari's performance on Saturday, starting in the morning practice, was a huge step forward after a subdued Friday. But Vettel said that there hadn't been any great overnight revelations.

"Nothing," he insisted when asked what the team had changed. "We're working hard. Obviously the last race wasn't great for us, but it doesn't matter now.

"There was a lot of talk after the last race," he admitted. "It was a bit much, so it’s good to give the answer on the track.

"I’m just happy, I really like the track, the car was fantastic today, it was really a pleasure to just go around.

"We are here and try to do our best. That's what matters. Really step by step, we're now very happy with where we are as a team. Again, we need to remember where we were 12 months ago and where we are now.

"Also thanks for the support and people believing in us. It's great to get the result also on Saturday. As I said, the main task comes tomorrow so nothing won today, but for sure we're very happy and we'll take it to move forward."

With Vettel starting from pole, and Lewis Hamilton only fourth on the grid, vettel has the chance to repair some of the damage done last time out to this world championship lead. Just one point separates Vettel and Hamilton following the British Grand Prix.

"To be honest, numbers - I was decent I would say at maths in school, but it's way too early," he insisted. "I think we go racing. We go flat out. That's what we've been doing for the first races, and that's what we keep doing.

"I think that's the only way to succeed," he said. "Certainly we have a lot of boost from people here, at home in Italy. It can't be any better than that. The main thing is to enjoy."

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