Red Bull won't veto McLaren-Renault deal


Red Bull's Christian Horner believes there could be benefits in seeing Renault supply two leading teams in 2018 as McLaren inches closer to a deal with French manufacturer.

At Monza on Sunday, all signs appeared to point to an imminent divorce between McLaren and Honda, with the Woking-based outfit fighting for a supply of Renault power.

The most likely scenario cited by insiders and pundits would involve a simple exchange of suppliers between McLaren and Toro Rosso as Renault has ruled out the possibility of supplying a fourth team on the grid.

As straightforward as the plan appears, premature contract cancellations and financial compensations between the various parties are complicating negotiations.

As the owner of Toro Rosso however, Red Bull, while open to a partnership with Honda, depending on conditions, is not excluding the idea of a McLaren-Renault deal.

"We have a veto over who potentially Renault could supply," Horner revealed to Sky F1 at Monza

"But, of course, if there was a straightforward switch that would be very straightforward.

"It was something that went into the contract 10 years ago when dear old Ron Dennis wouldn’t give us a Mercedes engine.

"Theoretically we could do [veto it].  We’d be happy for them to get Renault engines," he explained.

"I think everyone’s happy with the route it potentially may go, it’s just needs something to kick it off and come to a conclusion.

"It’s not our engine, it’s the Renault engine, so two strong customer teams is only a good thing I’d have thought."

McLaren's Eric Boullier is hoping for an announcement before Singapore as time constraints associated with next year's design are now coming into play.

"We need to know where we go and what we do because there is now a timing issue with the next year’s car design," says Boullier.

"It is complicated because we want the best for F1 and the best for McLaren. Whatever will happen, we will all try.

"It is a priority for all the parties in the paddock, including Liberty, to try to make the best of the situation."

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