Marko: 'We know what is going on in the background at Honda'

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Due diligence conducted by Red Bull has led the energy drinks company to feel optimistic about its future with Honda.

The Japanese manufacturer is partnering with Toro Rosso next season after its failed association with McLaren.

While many view the new tie-up as a risky venture for Red Bull, motorsport boss Helmut Marko is optimistic in the two companies' future together.

"We contacted Honda and did some of our own research too," the Austrian told broadcaster ORF.

"And from what we learned, we have an optimistic view of the future.

"We saw both McLarens in the top 10 in Singapore, we see an engine that is developing, and we know what is going on in the background."

Marko considers the automotive giant's engineering and financial power as tremendous assets in its efforts to bring the Honda name back into the winner's circle.

"Honda has the financial potential, the necessary infrastructure, one of the most modern factories with corresponding test rigs and a complete commitment to Formula 1 and winning in a partnership," Marko added.

"But we must also address the Japanese mentality, as it is of course a little different than us Europeans."

Marko also hints that while Red Bull's Aston Martin connection is growing, the future could actually be with Honda.

"It (Aston Martin) is a financial cooperation that has nothing to do with the power train," he said.

"Now we are looking forward to seeing how Toro Rosso and Honda are going to work.

" In September 2018, I'll be able to say what we are going to do in 2019, which is a good time to see how Toro Rosso and Honda is working."

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