Rivals blast the track and Force India isn't happy!

Force India
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Force India's Otmar Szafnauer says several F1 teams broke the rules on Sunday in Sepang when they dried their grid slots before the start of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

As teams lined up their cars on the grid, a few damp patches remained on the tarmac which enticed several teams to bring out high pressure blow dryers to rid the track of the humidity still sitting under their car's wheels.

Szafnauer insisted the ploy contravened article 22.3 of Formula 1's sporting regulations which stipulates that other than by driving on the track, "competitors are not permitted to attempt to alter the grip of any part of the track surface."

Force India, who chose not to dry Esteban Ocon's grid slot, pointed out the breach to the FIA but no action was taken.

"Half the cars on the grid were drying the circuit, which is not allowed, and we didn't," Szafnauer told Autosport.

"We actually followed the rules so when everyone else is drying the circuit they get a much better start than we do on the wet side of the grid."

"I think McLaren was one of the teams drying the grid."

Force India's chief operating officer said the matter had been raised with FIA race director Charlie Whiting and will likely be addressed in Suzuka next week with the governing body offering clarification.

"We've raised it with him already. I haven't talked to Charlie, but some of the other FIA members. I don't know, they are bewildered by it. I don't know what they are going to do.

"We pointed it out on the grid, that they were doing it. You're not allowed to do it. Many cars did it and got a better start because of it. And then all that kind of stuff happens."

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