Verstappen slams stewards for 'idiot decisions killing the sport'

Max Verstappen Austin Stewards Penalty
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Max Verstappen was calm and composed after Sunday's US Grand Prix but he definitely was not a happy camper after a time penalty stripped him of a podium finish.

The Red Bull driver's outstanding charge from the back of the field should have yielded a podium finish following a bold overtaking move on Kimi Raikkonen on the final lap of the race.

But the FIA Stewards' decision to penalize Verstappen for his maneuver by handing him a five-second penalty for exceeding track limits and gaining an advantage left the driver disappointed and thwarted.

"We had a really great race, but with those stupid decisions you really kill the sport," Verstappen said.

"It's one idiot steward up there which always makes decisions against me. At the end of the day everybody is running wide everywhere, there are no track limits.

"At Turn 9 you can run wide, at Turn 19 you can go off the track and nobody will say anything.

"It's the same with [Valtteri] Bottas - I went for a move, and he continued outside the track; he came back, I really had to pass him, and nothing has been done against that while he definitely gained advantage.

"It's not good for the sport - they have to be really clear on the rules that it's not allowed."

Frustrated by an absence of right to protest the call, Verstappen went as far to suggest that fans take matters into their hands and stay away from next year's race.

"They decide and you can't do anything against it, which is of course really weird," Verstappen added.

"What can we do? We cannot make up the rules.

"Everybody is loving it; it's great action; you go five or 10cm on the inside of the kerb; everybody is running wide everywhere, they don't say anything, and they kill the race, basically, like that.

"The crowd is loving it and then you do something like that in front of world TV - you pick up somebody from the podium and tell them to go away!

"It's not good for the crowd. I really hope next year nobody is coming, because like this the sport doesn't make sense."

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