New engine rules spur the interest of four engine manufacturers

Cosworth commits resources to F1 comeback
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Slowly but surely, Formula 1's new engine rules set for introduction in 2021 are drawing interest from outside manufacturers and independent engine makers.

According to the BBC, Ilmor and Cosworth, which in the past, long before the sport ushered in its hybrid era, were both heavily involved in F1, are watching developments closely.

"The current regulation is beyond any new entrant, technically and for the commercial investment it requires," Cosworth chief Bruce Wood told the BBC.

"The new proposal makes it possible for an independent or existing car company."

Steve Miller, managing director of Ilmor, added: "[The new regulations] open the scope to a much broader range of manufacturers."

Formula 1 is opting for a simplified engine platform from 2021, with the removal of the MGU-H element, which in theory should lower productions costs.

While the move is a step in the right direction, both Ilmor and Cosworth would still require outside funding to develop their own power units.

Red Bull partner Aston Martin is also eyeing the post-2020 engine rules, and Germany's Auto Bild claims that Porsche could enter the sport as well.

But retired Porsche sports car driver Mark Webber does not believe this will happen anytiome soon.

"Porsche in Formula ? It will not happen," said the Aussie.

As for McLaren boss Zak Brown, he admitted he hopes the 2021 rules succeed in tempting more engine makers into the sport.

"It would be great to have an independent engine or two, so that if you aren't in a situation where you have a manufacturer, you still have economical and yet still competitive options," he said.

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