Video: Verstappen and Ricciardo celebrate the holidays

Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing), Brazilian Grand Prix
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Team mates are rarely the best of friends - even if they start off that way it rarely lasts - but Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo seem to be the exception to the rule.

True, they fell out rather badly after colliding at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix. But that was a long time ago and it seems that such spats are well and truly behind them now.

The pair certainly seem infused with the Christmas spirit in this video released by the team showing how their drivers are spending the holidays.

The pair start by exchanging gifts. These prove to be complimentary festive attire which frankly has to be seen to be believed! So it's just as well we have the video for you right here:

After that there's some crackers to be pulled (sadly, no grid girls) and reminiscences about their Christmas holidays in the past.

"What do you remember about the holidays when you were a kid?" asks Ricciardo.

"Well, that was two years ago," quips Verstappen in response, getting the first shot in at his own expense about his relative youthfulness.

"Just spending time with family and getting a lot of presents, I guess," he continued. "That was the positive side!"

Naturally, Ricciardo's reminiscences include Australian traditions of sunshine and barbecues on the beach on Christmas Day.

"Hot days," he said. "Forty degree days. Summer. White Christmas just ain't my thaaang, it's not me."

Their banter is a delight to behold. It will get your Christmas holidays off to a good start - but beware a truly dreadful cracker joke.

Max is at the keyboard instead of the steering wheel to play things out - by which time you might be wondering just how much eggnog they've already consumed before the cameras started rolling!

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