Alonso lauds 'genius' Brown's leadership at McLaren

Fernando Alonso, Zak Brown, McLaren
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Fernando Alonso has been full of praise for McLaren executive director Zak Brown this week.

"He’s a very unique boss. He has this wider vision of motorsport, he’s a commercial genius," the two-time world champion said.

"I think he’s doing great things for the sport," he continued.

"He has helped McLaren tremendously over the past two years, and today he's not only helping McLaren but also motor racing in general.

"I completely share his vision. He’s not only my boss, he’s my friend as well."

Alonso was particularly grateful to Brown for backing his participation in motorsports outside Formula 1. McLaren arranged an entry for him in last year's Indianapolis 500.

And this month, Alonso will compete for Brown's United Autosport LMP2 team in the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona.

"I can do it because with Zak Brown and McLaren," Alonso explained. "They have maybe a different vision, a little bit more wide vision of motorsport. And I share that vision as well.

"We are expanding a little bit the McLaren brand as well in motorsport, and we try to do it together," he said, adding that other teams wouldn't be as supportive.

"I think for other drivers in Formula 1, it will be difficult to get that vision."

Even if they were, Alonso doubted that many drivers would be interested in diversifying.

"I do not think other Formula 1 drivers will try their stamina," he said. " There's one, Lance Stroll, who will also compete in the 24 Hours of Daytona, but I only seem him doing that.

"He loves the race and he's from Canada, where these races are certainly more rooted in the culture. "

"I do not think there will be more, because in Europe we have the habit of focusing on one championship."

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