What's behind McLaren's new #BeBrave message?

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McLaren has introduced a new slogan for 2018 which has its fans wondering what it could entail for the Woking-based outfit.

As it enters a new dawn after three years of dismal under-performance, McLaren has pledged to "Be Brave" in its quest for renewed success with the help of new engine partner Renault.

With three weeks to go before the public unveiling of its MCL33 on February 23, McLaren has included the new hashtag in its online and social media communication which it initiated in the short video below.

On its website, McLaren expanded on its new mantra and the values it embodies.

"What do we mean by brave? We think of it as risk-taking; of letting the heart sometimes rule the head; of jumping without the certainty of where, exactly, you'll land.

"It's the racer's mentality: commit first, and correct the mistakes later…"

McLaren dwells on a few examples of bold decisions from the past, like pairing Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, or Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

The team's implied bravery or intrepidity this year obviously suggests something besides its drivers. Could it be the return of McLaren's true papaya orange historical color?

"Even in 2018, our decision to forge a new partnership with Renault was a brave one; a risk, even," the team added.

"It was built on the fundamental belief that we exist to go racing, and that we're at our best when we're at our bravest. So let's commit, let's go racing, and let's be brave.

Earlier this year, McLaren boss Zak Brown alluded to a few transformational changes.

"The car's not going to look the same as last year," he said.

"Our whole brand, the visibility of McLaren, is going to go to the next level and it's going to be exciting."

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