Dual program won't burn out Alonso - Brown


Zak Brown says Fernando Alonso's hectic racing schedule won't affect the Spaniard's performance or commitment to McLaren this season.

As the Woking-based outfit prepares for a new dawn after switching from Honda to Renault power, its hopes of racing at the front have been rekindled.

Despite his involvement with Toyota in the WEC and the additional five-race traveling and time it will require, Brown doesn't believe there will be any adverse effects for McLaren.

"He knows what he is getting into," Brown told reporters on Thursday at a lunch in Woking.

"He is unbelievably prepared. He went from the 24 Hours of Daytona and then got in a simulator test with Toyota for however long he was in the car.

"I think he is a very special athlete who can do things that most of us [here] would get knackered doing. I don't think he would do it if he didn't think he could do it at the highest level.

"I think, what he will be doing on those weekends otherwise? He wouldn't be testing in an F1 car, he wouldn't be here on a simulator. There is only so much he can do.

"We have got everything we need on the F1 front, so the weekend he would either be in a a go-kart or golfing or whatever he wants to do, he will instead be in a Toyota WEC car. He wants to spend his spare time in race cars."

When negotiating Alonso's release to Toyota, Brown insisted his driver remain free of PR work as the Spanirad remains, above all, a McLaren driver.

"Fernando is effectively restricted to just driving the [Toyota] race car," Brown explained.

"So as far as commercial appearances, sponsor commitments, things of that nature, it is very minimised.

"His relationship with Toyota - he is on loan from us. We came to an arrangement with Toyota and that is to allow him to race the car but not to travel the globe having commercial commitments.

"He is a McLaren driver first and foremost, and an F1 driver. When you think of Fernando, you think of him as a McLaren F1 driver first and foremost."

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