Hamilton: 'Red is my favourite color, but I'm fine where I am'

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Lewis Hamilton has yet to renew his allegiance to Mercedes from 2019, but the four-time world champion says the deal will happen when he's comfortable with its terms.

Labeled as imminent and 'just around the corner' by Toto Wolff at the end of last year, a new contract between the German manufacturer and its star driver is still under negotiation.

After all, with the new three-year deal worth a rumored $120 million, it's only normal for all parties to make sure they have their respective bases covered. And Hamilton does not feel the talks should take precedence over everything else right now.

"We started talking about it but it's not really my priority at the moment," Hamilton said at a sponsor event, according to Spain's Diario Sport.

"I want to keep racing, so I have to renew it at some point, but I will not do it when others want me to. I'll do it when everything is ready," Hamilton added.

Last week, Wolff revealed that Hamilton may be tempted by a move to Ferrari. But the 33-year-old driver insists "loyalty" is of the utmost importance to him.

"Red is my favourite colour," he is quoted by Italy's La Repubblica. "But I'm fine where I am.

"Loyalty is a value my father taught me. I've changed teams only twice in my career so I'm not the type that jumps from here to there."

Still, Hamilton admits having received an offer from the House of Maranello.

"Yes, but they cannot have all the drivers they want," he said.

"And I say that as a great Ferrari fan. It's a fantastic team and I love racing against them."

"I do not want to retire soon or prematurely. I could race up to 40 if I wanted, but I don't think I'm going to do that.

"I could stay another year or two, but if I'm going to be as excited as I am for a new season in two years time, I cannot really guess now," he added.

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