A Halo problem for the fans: Who the heck is driving ?

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The Halo cockpit safety device has its detractors among the drivers, but Haas' Kevin Magnussen believes the mandatory component could also frustrate F1 fans this year.

The Dane ventured out on to the Circuit de Catalunya during pre-season testing to watch his colleagues at work, but admitted he had difficulties identifying whoever was behind the wheel of a specific car.

While drivers have reported no visual problems with the Halo in their line of sight, from the spectator's vantage point the view is mostly obstructed unfortunately.

"There’s definitely a problem in recognising the driver," the Haas driver told Motorsport.com.

"I went on track as well, I’ve been watching Formula 1 my whole life, and I couldn’t tell who was driving.

"That’s not great. It’s going to be the same on television. When the whole field is going into the first corner you’re not going to have a clue who is who."

Applying a specific motif to the Halo itself, perhaps based on a driver's helmet design, has been suggested as way of enhancing driver identification.

"You don’t really see the helmets any more with the halo, or at least it’s pretty difficult to see them," said Toro Rosso's Pierre Gasly.
"For the people in the grandstands it must be almost impossible.

"There must be some solution - maybe putting a nice design on the halo itself, even a flag or something like that, so the fans can identify who you are."

McLaren's Fernando Alonso, a man always in tune with the fans' demands, suggested F1 query the fan community on possible solutions.

"Maybe the fans can help in that aspect and make some suggestions for F1, to have some research on what the fans would like," Alonso told Motorsport.com.

"On our side it doesn't make any difference, but to help the fans [it is good]."

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