Hamilton hopes to 'grow, excel and make history' with Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton has just laid out his F1 aspirations for the future, suggesting his allegiance to Mercedes will remain intact for 2019.

The four-time world champion has yet to extend his deal with the German manufacturer, but all signs point to a continuation of a partnership which has yielded 41 wins and three world titles.

Speraking in an interview with Toto Wolff on the Silver Arrows' website, Hamilton's appetite for success with Mercedes remains voracious.

“My hope for the future is that we continue, continue to grow, excel and always move forwards," Hamilton said .

"Obviously, to build our relationship. But I really want to take this team the furthest it has ever been. I want to be part of this journey where Mercedes are the most successful Formula 1 team in history.

"I want to push it as far as I can, with the lifespan as a driver that I have, that it would take a long, long time for anyone else to catch up. I think it would really upset the red cars and the red team, so that's my goal..."

As he ponders his future, Hamilton was queried about the past and the reasons that enticed him to embark on his successful journey with Mercedes in the first place.

"I remember being in Monaco, down by the pool, during the summer of 2012, I guess. And Niki calling me and he's like 'We want you!'

“We had never really ever spoken, me and Niki. He didn't have a good view of me. I don't know why. He didn't really know me. We hadn't even met and had a conversation,” added Hamilton.

"So I'd hear these things that he would say about me in the media and I was like 'Why is Niki hating on me?' And then, when we started talking, particularly when we first met, we started to realise that we had a lot in common and we were very similar in our views of racing - like 'Actually, he's not a bad dude!'

"Then Ross (Brawn) came to my Mum's house and sat in my kitchen, which was pretty cool. Growing up watching Michael winning all those championships, Seeing Ross on the pit wall for all those Grands Prix and I've got the guy in my Mum's kitchen asking me to, basically, replace Michael.

"I'd already done everything I think I could have done at McLaren. I saw Mercedes as this baby about to start growing into something and I wanted to be a part of it,” he remembered.

“People saw it as a big risk but I'm a risk taker and that's exciting. If you're not taking risks, you're not living."

Asked about his best memory associated with Mercedes, the 33-year-old mega star pointed to his achievements from last year.

"I think last year was such a special year for us in terms of all of us being unified and the momentum that we were able to create. We kept supporting each other,” he said.

“When one part of the team slipped a little bit we were strong enough to lift each other up, when I slipped a little bit the team was able to lift me up.

"Overall, it was a momentous year in the relationship. Naturally, our relationship has been growing through that whole phase. It wouldn't be the same if you weren't competitive. You can see how competitive you are.

"I'm always hoping I do a good job when I come across the line in qualifying because otherwise you bang the table,” said Hamilton, referring to Wolff's signature move during Grand Prix weekends.

"But you want me to bang the table..." replied Wolff.

"We need the money to be invested in the car, not new tables," replies Hamilton.

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