Verstappen on overtaking: 'It was a lot more fun in 2016'

Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing.
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He may be the third youngest driver on the Formula 1 grid, Max Verstappen still has a few regrets when it comes to the past.

In 2016, four races into the season, circumstances propelled the Dutch prodigy from Toro Rosso to Red Bull, a move he completed by promptly winning his first race with the Milton Keynes-based outfit, and his first Grand Prix at the ripe age of 18.

Looking back at that period, Verstappen remembers fun times, when overtaking was a lot more easier than today, restricted as it is by the sport's aero regulations that were introduced last year.

“It was a lot more fun in 2016. You could follow each other better and, in some way, it was more gratifying,” explained Max, speaking on his official website.

"Since 2017 it's a lot harder and less fun to really race each other.

"The braking distance is shorter and it's just very hard to follow each other, the car can also make unexpected movements and suddenly break out."

Like everyone, Verstappen would like to see the grid brought closer together, and less differentiation between F1's power units.

"For Formula 1 in general it would be good if everything gets closer together, so what you have to look at is the engines. The difference between them is still too big."

Verstappen admits he's trailing his expectation so far this year, but he's confident Baku will provide an opportunity for a good result.

“The car is okay. We are still a bit short in qualifying, but in the races, it's looking good,” he said.

"So far, due to various reasons, we haven't achieved the results we wanted, but now I'm looking forward to Baku. I think we can have a good race there, and there are still eighteen races to come, so hopefully we will do well.

"The car is in a good condition and I think it will be even better on a street circuit. I am very much looking forward to it in any case!"

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