Charlie Whiting's low-down on transforming the streets of Monte Carlo


It's a long and arduous task, but transforming the streets of Monte Carlo's glitzy Principality into a fully-fledged race track is a well known process for Charlie Whiting.

Formula 1's race director and FIA safety Delegate talked to Mobil 1 The Grid about the transformation that takes place each year in Monaco, insisting the venue is one Grand Prix racing's easier sites to inspect thanks to the expertise and experience of all those who make it happen;

"Monaco is one of the easy ones really, they’ve been doing it for so long," says Whiting.

"They know exactly what to do. It’s a massive job. Every guardrail and post has a number on it and it corresponds with a number on the ground where the hole is in the street.

"All the temporary buildings have to be assembled and taken away, but that’s not actually something we really get involved with.

"At this stage, we basically turn up and it’s done. Unlike a new street circuit like, say, Baku, which requires much more input from us – same as Singapore ten years ago.

"There is amazing too, they can show you a block and tell you where it was last year and where it will go for this year."

"Monaco is mostly done by the same guy every year and he’ll come along and say 'bang bang bang', bolt up and that’s done. It’s not as simple as that, of course, but that’s how it looks."

Check out the video for more insight from Charlie Whiting on how Monte Carlo becomes the epicenter of motorsport for a weekend, and the undisputed jewel in the F1 crown.

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