Marko explains why Mercedes and Ferrari are wrong for Ricciardo


Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko says Daniel Ricciardo would be very wrong to move to Mercedes or Ferrari for 2019.

The Monaco Grand Prix winner, whose contract with Red Bull Racing runs out at the end of this year, is the subject of intense speculation regarding his future.

The Aussie's clean sweep last Sunday and the impressive manner in which it was achieved have boosted once again the driver's stock, a fact openly concede by team boss Christian Horner.

"You could say that [winning] made Daniel more expensive, it has put his value up, or it's put the team in a stronger position in terms of valuable potential to him," said Horner.

"The reality is finding a solution to conclude a deal with Daniel in the next couple of months. First thing is get the engine sorted and then very much follow on from there with [the] driver."

While Mercedes has yet to conclude contracts with its own drivers for next season, the general perception is that Ricciardo has only a small chance of racing with the Silver Arrows squad in the near future, a fact expressed by Lewis Hamilton himself last weekend.

Ferrari on the other hand is a viable option, with Kimi Raikkonen expected to call it a day on his F1 career and Sebastian Vettel declaring himself open to a working relationship with Ricciardo, despite the Honey Badger out-performing the German at Red Bull in 2014.

Regardless of Ricciardo's multiple theoretical opportunities for the future, Marko believes the Milton Keynes outfit should remain home for the seven-time Grand Prix winner.

"For us, nothing changes," said the Austrian.

"We want to keep him and Daniel knows it. Why should he go to Mercedes or Ferrari? To be a number 2 driver?

"With us, Daniel has equal opportunities with the same equipment and no team orders. I think he knows that too," he added.

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