Carey vaunts Vietnam's exciting prospects for Formula 1

Red Bull demonstration run in Vietnam - May 2018

Judging by Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey's recent comments, Vietnam could be next in line after Miami to join the Grand Prix calendar.

The prospect of seeing F1 race on the streets of Hanoi has been talked about for some time but Carey took the opportunity to reiterate the sport's ambition of adding the South East Asian country while speaking at the FIA's annual Sport Conference in Manila last weekend.

The country's burgeoning economy and commercial markets are undoubtedly appealing to F1 and its sponsors. Vietnam's presence on the calendar would also compensate for the loss of Malaysia as an all-important venue on the Asian continent, seen by Carey as a growth engine for F1 and the world.

"Vietnam’s a very exciting country. A country that’s caught the world’s imagination and in many ways that’s where we want to be," said Carey.

"I think we’re excited about the opportunity to grow in Asia, we’re excited about the opportunities that we’re discussing in Vietnam, certainly."

Carey insisted however that Europe would remain the bedrock of F1 regardless of any future expansion in Asia or in the America.

"We want a balance of events around the world, to make sure we continue to build on the foundation which is Europe for us," he concluded.

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