Hamilton explains critical Instagram post and why it was deleted

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Lewis Hamilton says he deserved more credit from TV pundits for his impressive performance in last weekend's German Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver carved his way through the field at Hockenheim after launching his race from a lowly position on the grid.

Hamilton side-stepped the chaotic conditions and made the most of arch-rival Sebastian Vettel's blunder to conquer his 66th career win in F1.

Watching a re-run of the race on Sky the next day, the four-time world champion felt the channel's team of commentators - which included former team mate and foe Nico Rosberg - had not done justice to his performance, and clearly said as much in a message posted on Instagram.

"I watched a race that felt so great in my heart on the track, but there were certain things that were not being perceived that way," Hamilton told the media on Thursday in Hungary.

"There was a point where I was three seconds a lap quicker than the other drivers. The difference that I was making in the car and the different lines I was choosing were not explained."

However, having watched the delayed broadcast to the end and noted the rather positive observations from the Sky F1 crew, he subsequently decided to delete the critical message.

"I took the post down because it was (written) in the middle, or towards the end, and then there were good comments from some of the ex-drivers," he said.

"They have a tough job to report what is going on in the race."

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