Mercedes considering closer technical ties with Force India

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff admits the manufacturer is considering a collaboration with Force India in the future, a potential move however that has sparked concerns from both Renault and McLaren.

As Force India's engine supplier, Mercedes already enjoys a tie-up with the Silverstone-based outfit, but increased cooperation would move the pair towards a form of technical partnership similar to the one that governs the relationship between Ferrari and Haas.

"Obviously a few years ago when Ferrari spotted the potential in collaborating closely with another team, it triggered a thought process with everybody else," Wolff told

"And only Ferrari will know how much benefit they have generated, but there is benefit in such a cooperation if it is structured well.

"No team wants to be a B-team, no team wants to be a junior team. Everybody wants their own success, and this is something you need to honour and respect in F1.

"I think if you can meet on eye level, a collaboration makes sense. But making it happen is not trivial.

"All of us are structured, all of us have processes in place that make sense, and evaluating potential opportunities is something which we will clearly do."

The emerging collaborative concept between a manufacturer and another team is seen as a sensitive matter by several rival outfits who fear that Mercedes could yield excess technical and political power.

Wolff says he understands the concerns mainly expressed by Renault and McLaren, and suggests a proper regulatory structure to govern collaborative efforts in the future.

"I absolutely understand it. It’s interesting that the administration of Force India triggered these strong sentiments. Collaboration existed before between Ferrari and Haas, and then Sauber joined the closed party. And on the other side Toro Rosso and Red Bull have existed forever," explained Wolff.

"But I completely understand the worries of McLaren and Renault on the other side.

"I think it’s just a matter of the right regulations in place to facilitate collaboration where you can save costs, and where you can find synergies – but maintaining the spirit of the F1 regulations, that this is a constructors’ championship, and should also stay one."

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