Norris now focused on 'getting the best' for himself


As a full-time member of McLaren, Lando Norris' approach to his work is now more self-centered rather than guided by the support role he previously assumed for others at the team.

The 19-year-old gained valuable experience through his multiple test runs with the team in 2017 and 2018 as well as through the seven FP1 outings he enjoyed with McLaren this year.

However, his promotion to a full-time seat for 2019 now implies that his work, and the demands imposed upon him, are very different, but they are also for his own benefit.

"It did feel a bit different," admitted Norris after running through his 136- lap programme on Tuesday.

"I think it was not more pressure, but you just had to think more, or know, now that I knew, realizing basically that a lot of this stuff is for a lot more of my own good.

"[There were] things that will really benefit me a lot more for next year.

"Although doing all the FP1s and everything is the same thing, everything is going to be helping, this is a lot more, for me, working with the team, the engineers, trying to get everything based more around me rather than Fernando and Stoffel.

"So it definitely did feel a bit different. More focus on really trying to make the best for me, and not so much about the others."

As he progressively slots into his role as a McLaren incumbent, Norris was happy with his long day behind the wheel at Yas Marina on Tuesday, and his level of fitness.

"I remember when I tested here last year, I was suffering a bit more and I did a lot less laps," he said.

"I don’t even think I did 100. So yeah, I think it was my most laps, I don’t know about McLaren’s, but my most laps I did in a day. So it’s good.

"I got through a lot of the things I needed to, the longer runs, which I haven’t done too much of. Surprisingly I’m not too bad [in terms of fitness]."

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