Professor Allison compares W10 with its 'naïve and clumsy' predecessor


Professor James Allison is back! The man who explains all things technical with such a captivating eloquence runs us through a fascinating comparison between Mercedes' 2019 W10 and its predecessor.

The raft of changes implemented for this year forced a rethink on F1's engineers and a series of complicated challenges in the aerodynamic department.

While the comprehensive overhaul of the front wing and barge-boards is considerable, Allison insists that "every teeny, tiny part" of its 2019 contender was the subject of change and evolution "to the limit that we think we can get away with".

"It's an interesting thing that things we thought last year were a source of great pride to us that we thought we had pushed to the very limit, start to look clumsy and naive by comparison," says Mercedes tech boss in the video.

Only time and 21 races this year will tell if W10 will prove to be a worthy successor to its 2018 championship-winning forerunner.

But in the interim, enjoy Professor Allison's insightful expertise. It's both fascinating and informative.

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