Brawn: Ferrari recognize that F1 money distribution is 'unfair'

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Formula 1 Director of Motorsport Ross Brawn says that Ferrari has acknowledged the need for a more equitable distribution of prize money among the sport's teams.

As a remnant of the bygone days when Bernie Ecclestone was in charge of F1 and Enzo Ferrari reigned in Maranello, the Scuderia still enjoys a financial advantage over its rivals linked to its heritage in Grand Prix racing.

Under the current Concorde Agreement that governs the teams' commercial relationship with F1, Ferrari is intitled to $70 million just for taking part, and in addition to the revenue it derives from its results and standing in the Constructors' championship.

While the historical payment incentive scheme - which also benefits Red Bull and Mercedes - will likely remain in some form in the future, Brawn insists that compromise will be at the forefront of a new money distribution deal.

"There is too much disparity between the top two or three teams and the rest of the grid," he said, speaking in London this week.

"You have a group of teams that could finish last and still earn more than the team that have won the world championship.

"We have to recognise the importance and history of Ferrari and the unique place they have in the sport but we also have to find a balance between that recognition and an equitable position for the rest.

"We know that if we have a more equitable distribution of revenue, we will have a better F1."

Brawn contends that common sense will prevail with regard to Ferrari's privileged position.

"You are never going to attract new teams when you have such unfair distribution.

"Ferrari recognise that. They will fight tooth and nail for the best they can, but logic will have a fair part in trying to find a solution."

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