The four changes F1 needs according to Max Verstappen


Formula 1 is less than two years away from a regulation overhaul that will hopefully improve the sport, but Max Verstappen knows what he would change if he was in charge.

Speaking last week at the headquarters of Dutch supermarket chain and personal sponsor Jumbo, Verstappen was asked what he would like to change in F1.

The Red Bull Racing driver didn't offer a comprehensive recipe for better racing but suggested rather four problems that if eliminated would go a long way towards improving the show.

First up on Verstappen's list of grievances were Pirelli's tyres, a subject often debated by the drivers this year.

"At the moment they are very sensitive and quickly overheat," said Verstappen.

"Then you will slide more and it is hard to follow others. So it is hard to fight during a race. DRS helps to get closer, but in the end I do not want to depend on that.

"Also after a quick lap you have to slow down to be able to do another one, because the tyres have to cool down and that takes way to long. It is the same during the race.

"You have to stay in a certain limit, otherwise the tyres overheat. I would like to drive a lot faster."

Less performance difference between engine manufacturers is next on the 21-year-old's checklist.

"We also should be less dependent on the engines," he added.

"At the moment there is too much of a difference between the engines. In the last couple of years the championship was mostly won by the team with the best engine.

"Generally you should keep that difference between the 20 or 30 horsepower."

Verstappen also took issue with the impact of aerodynamics, or rather with the consequences of aero on performance when something goes wrong.

"Regarding the aerodynamics, it does not have to go as fast for me. As long as we can race each other better," said Max.

"Or when you touch someone and something breaks off, that it will not cost half a second per lap.

"Now when you drive a little too fast over a kerb, half the bottom of your car breaks off and that is not what you want."

Last but not list, Verstappen unsurprisingly called for a tighter field overall.

"Finally, the difference between the teams are too big," right said the five-time Grand Prix winner.

"You have the three top teams: Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. But the difference from the third to the fourth team is almost a second, the is a big difference.

"I think the races would be much prettier if we could bring that all a bit close together."

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