Raikkonen on manhole drama: 'We looked like amateurs!'


Kimi Raikkonen says Friday's manhole drama blot Formula 1's copy, making the sport and its participants look like "amateurs".

Williams' George Russell dislodged a drain cover at the start of FP1, an incident that not only destroyed the Brit's FW42 chassis but also forced organizers to scrap the morning practice session altogether as manhole security checks were conducted around the track.

Raikkonen put the blame for the day's drama on the FIA, insisting that F1's governing body should have done a thorough check of the course before the race weekend got underway.

"Obviously it was far from ideal for everybody and we looked like amateurs here today," said the Alfa Romeo driver.

"It should not be like this. It's up to FIA to make sure that track is like it's supposed to be.

"It seems to be that every year some drainage hole comes loose or something slides up. That was far from ideal today.

"It's up to them to check and tell the people here. It is their responsibility to have the track as it is expected to be.

"Luckily nobody get hurt, but it obviously destroyed everybody's day. Also for the people who came to watch here it is far from ideal."

It's likely the matter will be brought up in Friday evening's driver briefing, with Raikkonen offering a reminder that it wasn't the first time a manhole incident has occurred.

"It's not the first time. Hopefully it's the last time," said the Finn.

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