Gasly hit with pitlane start for weighbridge infraction!


Regardless of where he qualifies on Saturday, Red Bull's Pierre Gasly will start Sunday's Azerbaijan Grand Prix from the pitlane after missing the weighbridge in FP2.

Gasly's concluded his afternoon practice session P9 but found himself in hot water with Baku's stewards for failing to stop at the weighbridge "when required to do so".

"Instead, he drove on and proceeded to do a pit stop where the car was worked on by lifting the car and all four wheels were changed, in breach of Article 29.1 a).

"Under Article 29.1 a) the penalty for this infringement is specified to be for the car to start from the pit lane and we so order."

In the past, stewards have shown leniency towards a driver when the team recognizes its infringement and rolls the car back for the weighing procedure.

The fact that the Red Bull Racing crew undertook a pit stop and wheel change obviously did not plead in Gasly's favour.

However, if the Frenchman's attention wasn't captured by the weighbridge sign in the first place, than perhaps the stewards should consider a change of procedure with the adoption of a better alert system.

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