Pirelli's Isola: No requests from teams to change tyre specs

McLaren MCL34 Pirelli tyre. 12.05.2019.
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Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola says the Italian company hasn't received a request from a single team to change the specifications of its tyres despite the public criticism of its product.

Following the introduction by Pirelli of a thinner gauge tyre for this season, a move destined to prevent last years' overheating and blistering issues, many teams have complained of their difficulties in getting their rubber into a workable window with regard to temperatures.

The only outfit currently immune to such a problem is the mighty Mercedes squad, which has won every single race so far in 2019.

Red Bull Racing and Haas have been the most vocal on the tyre conundrum, with the former's boss Christian Horner suggesting that the majority of the grid want Pirelli to revert to last year's specs.

Yet, Isola insists he hasn't been approached by anyone, and reminds everyone that a mid-season change of specification can only be ordered by the FIA on the grounds of safety.

"It is very clear how you can modify the construction or the compounds during the season," Isola told Autosport.

"I didn’t receive any request so far. If I receive a request that is reasoned, we will consider that request.

"We will consider what we have to do to modify the tyres, and we will discuss that with the FIA."

Without a compelling safety reason to modify the tyre specifications, teams complaints will fall on deaf ears.

"We, Pirelli, can modify the construction or the compound, the specification of the tyre, only for safety," added Isola.

"Even if I sent a request to the FIA, to be honest I don’t know what to write in that request because I cannot reason any change for safety.

"There is no safety concern."

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