Review of F1 business model is 'crucial'

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A review of Formula One's current business model is "crucial" to safeguard the sport's future, according to Federico Gastaldi.

F1's commercial side is run by Bernie Ecclestone, but a complaint to the EU from Sauber and Force India highlights discontent at the current distrbution of funds within the sport. There are problems for race promoters too, with the United States Grand Prix in Austin under threat after funding was cut from the State of Texas, with the race - like the majority on the calendar - facing escalating hosting fees.

Lotus is one of a number of teams also facing an uncertain financial future if a proposed takeover from Renault does not materialise, and deputy team principal Gastaldi says it is time a full review is undertaken.

"I believe it is crucial for Formula 1 to review its business model," Gastaldi said. "There are so many financial issues throughout the sport, whether for teams or promoters, that it is hard to see where things will go.

"I know that both Mr Ecclestone and the FIA have been trying to change things and I also know that teams aren’t always the easiest to work with when we have to join forces. Our agendas and situations differ too much and are almost always preceded with self-preservation.

"Additionally, and I have said this before, we have to do everything that we can – all of us – to help promoters sell tickets. Without fans, where would we be?"

The FIA is attempting to help teams reduce costs by investigating the possibility of an alternative power unit which would be available from 2017 at a cheaper price than the current 1.6-litre V6 turbos.

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