Leclerc: Ferrari unfazed by rivals' attempts to 'destabilise' team

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Charles Leclerc says Ferrari is unconcerned by its rivals questioning the legality of its engine, insisting their inquiries are just an attempt to "destabilise" the Scuderia.

Ferrari's current power advantage in F1 is clear for all to see, but beneath the SF90's bodywork a few teams suspect that something irregular or suspicious may be going on within the bowels of the Scuderia's hybrid power unit.

Several teams have written to the FIA to inquire about specific vital parts of Ferrari's engine apparently related to the latter's oil intercooler and energy recovery system.

But a confident Leclerc is dismissing the skepticism as a mere stratagem to undermine the Italian outfit.

"I think any time a team is in a good moment, obviously everyone is looking at the small things to try and destabilise the team," he said. "That's not happening.

"I think we are very confident inside the team that there is no problem with that, so it doesn't affect us."

Ferrari's performance level has undoubtedly improved since the end of F1's summer break, with the Scuderia winning at power venues Spa and Monza with Leclerc, and in Singapore with Vettel, while it also remains undefeated in qualifying since Belgium.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen believes Ferrari's stronghold on Saturday afternoons is set to continue in Mexico City.

"From the Ferrari side, they gained over the year more and more power and it's very hard to beat that to be honest," said the Dutchman.

"Even if you have a car which is half a second faster it's still almost impossible to beat them in qualifying - as you can see with Mercedes.

"They definitely have the best car compared to them and still in qualifying they are lacking lately. It's just insane the speed difference they have."

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