Dennis told Horner to 'suck it up'

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Ron Dennis has revealed he told Christian Horner to "suck it up" during an F1 Commission meeting ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

With Red Bull having requested Honda power units for 2016, Dennis vetoed such a move having entered in to a partnership with the Japanese manufacturer from the start of this season. Red Bull is set to continue with Renault power units having originally moved to terminate the deal earlier this year, and Dennis says the team's plight was brought on by its own actions.

In an interview with Sky Sports' Martin Brundle, when asked if he told Red Bull team principal Horner to "suck it up", Dennis replied: "Those were the words.

"Some of what Christian has been experiencing at the moment is self-inflicted. He's obviously been lobbying hard, as you would expect him to, along different paths to achieve a better position for him and the Red Bull team.

"I understand that, but the real issue is what the teams have to do to make the future of grand prix racing better and we all have, as do the manufacturers in F1, a very strong desire to try and address some of the issues."

And Dennis also told F1 owner CVC it should stop taking so much money out of the sport when it needs help.

"Everybody has to come to the party and that particular comment about Donald Mackenzie at CVC…after that comment, [Horner] was very complimentary about what I said and even how I said it.

"Everybody's got to come to the party. They make a great deal of money from motor racing and they need to put a bit more back into the sport at critical moments - and the critical moment is keeping Renault and keeping the Red Bull team supplied with engines. It's as simple as that.

"Without question, everybody was complimentary about my contribution to that meeting. So I don't feel at all bad about it."

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