Alonso unsure if 'faster F1' a positive for racing

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Fernando Alonso is unsure whether Formula 1's planned performance boost scheduled in 2017 will actually do anything to enhance racing.

With F1 cars five to six seconds quicker per lap, and boasting wider front and rear wings as well as bigger tyres, the aim is to encourage closer racing, but the outcome of the theoretical increase in performance cannot be guaranteed.

"The expectations are to have a fast F1 car because now we have a slow F1 car," Alonso told Autosport.

"A fast F1 car will be a better show for people watching the race. But to have better races, it's difficult to know what you need.

"If you look at his year, you have maybe four or five boring races where nothing happens and then suddenly two races which are spectacular and nothing has changed.

"It's the same cars and the same teams. Even with the circuit, one year you see a boring race and the next year it's spectacular."

Alonso also voiced his opinion on F1's current focus on protecting mid-field teams on the back of the sport's cost cutting initiatives.
The McLaren driver believes teams should be given more freedom on the development and testing front, and that the sport should not cater in priority to its weakest members.

"If some teams cannot afford to test, it's their problem, it's the nature of the sport," he said.

"Real Madrid can buy some players and other teams cannot. They cannot say sorry for that. In F1 there is always the need to protect the small teams and sometimes if they cannot test, they cannot test."

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