Binotto: Delay to 2021 regs not 'an easy decision' for Ferrari

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Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto admits his team's decision to back a delay of the 2021 regulations did not come easily as it puts the Scuderia at a disadvantage.

The onslaught of the global coronavirus crisis has put F1 on standby indefinitely, a situation that will inevitably impact the sport and the teams' revenue.

In a bid to contain costs in light of the financial shortfall, Formula 1 will carry over its current technical rules into 2021 and delay the scheduled regulation overhaul until 2022.

The overwhelming majority of the teams were in favour of the move, but Ferrari initially requested more time to think over the principle of freezing the rules, although it eventually agreed to the status quo on the basis of its sense of responsibility.

"Considering the current baseline and the feedback from the tests, we don't think we have an advantage with this choice," Binotto told Sky Italia.

"It wasn't an easy decision, but it had to be made. It is a special moment, and it was important to give a responsible signal for the future."

Teams will use their 2020 chassis designs next season, but Formula 1 and the FIA are still in the process of establishing a comprehensive list of elements and areas that will remain unchanged.

"The regulations [for 2021] remain the same, but there will still be room for aerodynamic development. We have yet to define that in detail," added the Scuderia boss.

"We are discussing it with all the representatives of the teams and with the FIA, to understand what will be frozen and what will be open to development.

"But we aim to maintain the DNA of Formula 1, which remains competition and comparison."

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