Hockenheim 'in dialogue' with F1 to host summer race

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Hockenheim says that it has touched base with Formula 1 regarding the possibility of slotting in a German Grand Prix into the sport's revised 2020 calendar.

Hockenheim fell off the sport's schedule this year following its inability to secure the financing required to host the world championship event.

But this year's disrupted scheduled, which has led so far to the cancellation or postponement of ten races, has incited Hockenheim to inquire about reinstating its race, if safety and financial conditions allow such a scenario.

"I can confirm that we are in talks," Hockenheim CEO Jorn Teske told Motorsport.com.

"We were and are in contact with our colleagues from Formula 1 from time to time anyway. After so many years of partnership, it is quite normal to ask each other what the respective status is.

“We are in dialogue regarding these topics. And we have also talked about the uncertainties of the race calendar in Formula 1."

Teske stressed that talks had centered around the general idea of Hockenheim hosting a race, and had not addressed any specifics such as a potential date or the details of an eventual contracttiual agreement.

"We talked about whether such a thing is possible, how it would take place. We exchanged ideas casually," Teske said.

"But not about dates, conditions, contract set-ups, which are absolutely necessary in order to be able to seriously examine something like this. It didn't go that far."

Formula 1's run of summer races, regardless of their number and the venues, will likely take place without any fans in the grandstands.

The measure obviously entails special financial conditions for race organizers, but Teske is open to the concept of a close-door event if the local authorities allow it.

"If we can ensure what is required by the authorities, and the economic aspects make sense for us, then we at the Hockenheimring would not close our minds to [a race without fans].

"However, we still have to conduct these talks. It is not as concrete as some might think at the moment."

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