Threats to Mercedes drivers not necessary - Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes boss Toto Wolff's threats to him and Nico Rosberg are "not really" necessary, and has backed his team-mate.

Wolff warned Mercedes could change its driver line-up in the future if tension between Hamilton and Rosberg spills over to impact on the rest of the team, later saying he would not rush in to a decision whether to renew Rosberg's contract. However, Hamilton says such a threat is not necessary due to the results the two drivers have delivered for the team.

"Am I surprised by it? Not really. Is it necessary? Not really," Hamilton told Sky Italia. "We are grown men and we have done the job that we are hired to do to the maximum. We've not done it 95 per cent or 80 per cent, we've done it 100 per cent to how they've wanted us to do it.

"Has there been friction? Of course, you can't have it perfect always. But have we always shone light on this team? I believe so. Have we always delivered when they've given us the opportunity to do so? I believe so.

"Nico's job is not in jeopardy and neither is mine."

And Hamilton believes the threats to the drivers are designed to act as a warning to the whole team that any member can be axed if they are not performing.

"I think it is easy for people to get complacent in life and I think it is important as a team we don't get complacent. We've had two incredibly successful years and when you complain about small things I think that is when you can easily lose your way. Of course we always want to be better and perfect, but as long as we stay together and continue to communicate I think it will be good."

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