Schumacher lawyer defends family's ban on info

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A lawyer for the family of Michael Schumacher has defended the former's restraint on public information regarding the seven-time World Champion's health and physical condition following his grave skiing accident which occurred almost two years ago.

"The accident itself was an event of contemporary history and could be reported on," said lawyer Felix Damm.

"But there is no such requirement once the recovery starts and the public is spatially excluded - it happened in a hospital and now at home."

Schumacher's former manager Sabine Kehm, who still handles public relations for the family, denied last week a story claiming that Schumacher could walk again, saying speculation of this nature was 'irresponsible' because "for Michael in view of the severity of his injuries the protection of his privacy is very important."

His former business manager Willi Weber also went on record recently criticizing the family's handling of information, disclosing that the racing star's wife Corinna had banned him from visiting the Schumacher household.

Lawyer Damm expressed understanding that people remained interested in Schumacher but said he has a right for privacy since he is no longer racing.

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