Masi continues tough stance on corner cutting in Barcelona

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FIA race director Michael Masi has issued more tough guidance to prevent an abuse of track limits at Barcelona's Turn 2.

Last year's guidelines restricted corner cutting by forcing drivers who passed over one of the speed bumps in the inside run-off area of Turn 2 to remain to the left of the two bollards located before the entry to Turn 3.

However, consistent with the FIA's more sever stance this year on the abuse of track limits, Masi issued a note warning those who repeatedly miss the corner to gain an advantage.

"Each time any car fails to negotiate Turn 2 by using the track, teams will be informed via the official messaging system," Masi wrote in the FIA's Spanish Grand Prix pre-event notes.

"On the second occasion of a driver failing to negotiate Turn 2 by using the track during the race, he will be shown a black and white flag.

"Any further cutting will then be reported to the stewards.

"In all cases, the driver must only re-join the track when it is safe to do so and without gaining a lasting advantage.

"The above requirements will not automatically apply to any driver who is judged to have been forced off the track, each such case will be judged individually."

Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya has undergone a few minor changes. An extension to the exit kerb at Turn 8 has been added, while the gravel traps at Turn 8 and 12 have also been extended.

Finally, a new Tec Pro barrier has been added at Turn 12, as well as a metallic barrier extending from Turn 15 to the pit lane entry.

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