Red Bull determined to attract 'the best talent' to new engine unit


Red Bull team boss Christian Horner says his team will apply to its new engine department the "same philosophy" that has guided its chassis design by working with the "best talent" available.

Red Bull announced earlier this year the formation of a new company, Red Bull Powertrains, that will run the F1 team's engine program from 2022, a project based on taking over the current power unit and intellectual property of its engine supplier, Honda.

A new dedicated building housing Red Bull's engine operations is currently under construction on the team's campus at Milton Keynes, and Horner insists the new unit will run at the same level of engineering expertise as its chassis counter-part over seen by tech chief Adrian Newey.


"We will be applying exactly the same philosophy that we did to the chassis side," Horner told

"So the intention, exactly as I did with the chassis, is to make sure we attract the right talent and the best talent.

"At the end of the day, F1 is still a team sport. It's a people sport. And that's one of the fundamental reasons that we’re housing our facility on site within the campus in Milton Keynes.

"It’s to make sure that there is this seamless integration between power unit and chassis."

Formula 1's current engine regulation cycle is set to run until the end of 2024. Red Bull will rely on its Honda-based program until then before fielding its own in-house produced power unit.

"It's tremendously exciting," admitted Horner. "Obviously with the engine freeze it was important as a safeguard for what will effectively be an interim period.

"But for the new engine, whenever that comes, potentially 2025, we're obviously building up a structure.

"We're going to inherit some great people and talent from Honda, but we are absolutely committed to getting the right people in the right roles in an efficient manner that integrates fully with the chassis side of the business."

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