Ricciardo fears size could matter in F1 in 2022


Daniel Ricciardo is optimistic that F1's 2022 regulations will help tighten the field, but the McLaren driver nevertheless fears that the sheer size of today's cars will continue to complicate overtaking.

Formula 1 introduced at Silverstone last month a profile car designed on the basis of next year's technical rules.

A simplification of the future car's aerodynamics is expected to improve a driver's ability to closely follow another car, therefore enhancing overtaking opportunities.

Overall, Ricciardo like what he saw at Silverstone, given a thumbs up to the simplicity and features embodied by the significant changes.

"I think it went pretty well at Silverstone," he said in an interview with Motorsport-Total.

"Maybe I'm still part of the younger generation, that doesn't so close at things. I love and respect Formula 1 history. I don't want to throw everything overboard, but can we make a few changes? Sure. We should at least try. "

The Aussie expressed one caveat however regarding F1's next generation machines.

"When it comes to the car itself, I think the simple approach is good," he added. "I like that.

"I only have one worry... The problem is when I look at older cars, from 2007, 2008, they were low and narrow, short wheelbase.

"The cars [now] are big. This is not rocket science. But a big car needs more space on the track. My only concern is that overtaking on narrow tracks could be difficult simply because of the car's dimensions.

"Apart from that, I like the direction in which Formula 1 is developing."

Individually, each team on the grid is hoping that next year's reset will close up the field, and perhaps also increase the chances of success of those outfits - like McLaren - fighting at the front of F1's midfield.

But a prudent and realistic Ricciardo is keeping his expectations for 2022 in check.

"Well, that [winning] is at least a hope, but I don't want to expect that," he said. "Because if it doesn't happen, you start the season with negative energy and a lack of motivation.

"So, I hope the field will close up. I think we'll still have a Mercedes right at the front, with Red Bull.

"But if things get tougher and tighter overall, when the gap between P1 and P20 is closed, then I'll be satisfied. That would be a real step."

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