Vettel more a friend than a mentor to Schumacher

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Sebastian Vettel says his close relationship with Mick Schumacher is based more on a friendship than on a feeling of responsibility towards his young countryman.

The two German drivers are often seen exchanging notes during a race weekend. And Vettel has admitted to providing as much advice and guidance as he can to the 22-year-old son of Michael Schumacher, who did the same for Vettel during the four-time world champion's early days in F1.

Yet the Aston Martin driver doesn't see the relationship as a mentorship.

"I am more a friend than someone who feels responsibility," Vettel said in an interview with F1-Insider.

"You are always there for friends. That's why I have zero competitive thoughts towards him and I am happy to pass on my experience.

"Of course, the bond is there through Michael. But Mick comes from a very good family. He's a very sensible, well-mannered young man who is now ready to go his own way. He's doing that very well.

"His work ethic reminds me of his father. I sincerely wish him a car with which he can make more of a mark next year."


Vettel says he also gladly shares his experience with his young teammate Lance Stroll. While his guidance benefits the Canadian, the 34-year-old believes it also helps his team overall.

"I'm not the type who weighs everything up in a paranoid way anyway, in order to have my own advantages and play games," he said.

"It also doesn't make sense to me to withhold certain things from teammates.

"I rather see the big picture, that we want to progress as a team. Today we are able to see everything transparently through data anyway."

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