Vettel 'pushed and shouted out of the way' by Alonso police escort!

© XPB 

Sebastian Vettel had a run-in of sorts with Fernando Alonso at Spa on Saturday, but the close encounter between the two drivers was on a public road, not on the track.

The eco-friendly Vettel was peacefully making his way to the track in the morning on his bicycle when a loud convoy of police motorcycles and a car rushed up from behind.

Visiting the Spa GP stage located behind the main grandstands ahead of FP3 yesterday, Vettel told the vast assembly of race fans what happened next.

"I was coming down the hill with the bicycle and then there was four police bikes pushing and shouting me out of the way, and then there was a Renault driven by Fernando, and then another two police bikes pushing out of the way again!"

As an obedient citizen, Vettel duly complied with the local law enforcement's orders. But the revengeful Aston Martin driver eventually caught up with the convoy as it hit some traffic congestion.

"I passed him back!" said a facetious Vettel, which drew a massive roar from the crowd of fans.

The four-time world champion might have a more difficult time repeating the maneuver on the Alpine charger in Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix.

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