Haas offers best chance of success - Grosjean


Romain Grosjean firmly believes that Haas will eventually provide him with a chance to reach the very top of Grand Prix racing.

The Frenchman's switch to the US outfit this year was somewhat of a surprise as most thought he would pledge his allegiance to Renault and to the constructor's return as a works team.

While the 29-year-old Grosjean is not expecting fireworks from the outset in Haas' maiden F1 season, he currently views the US outfit as his best chance at reaching the top of the heap.

"It's the best chance to be world champion one day," Grosjean told Reuters ahead of the Australian season-opener on March 20.

"I can get a different experience, I can learn more, I can be more ready, you need to get the best car to be world champion.

"Is it going to be with Haas one day? Is it going to be with another team? I don't know."

Many believe that Grosjean is thinking that Haas is a direct pipeline to the US outfit's technical and engine partner, Ferrari. And that driving for Haas is one foot into the gates of Maranello.

"Since I was a kid, since I was five, I wanted to drive for Ferrari. Is it going to happen one day? Is it never going to happen? I have no idea.

"It would be a dream. But right now I think the chance I have to live something unique by taking a brand new team ... as close as we can to the top team or top result would be a big achievement.

"I want to be the driver that when you go to America everyone is cheering for you because you brought the American flag up there. And you live only once in your life."

Haas new VF-16 showed promising speed in Barcelona although its running was hindered by the inevitable teething problems encountered by any new F1 effort.
Nevertheless, Grosjean believes points are potentially feasible this year.

"I think we could potentially be in the points early in the season. From there we need to move from the points to the top five and then to the podium and then the win.

"It's a long process, how long it is going to take I don't know. I think there are the resources capable of doing something like that."

It's been a long road to stability for Grosjean who endured the wrath of his colleagues a few seasons ago for his on-track antics and subsequent crashes, and then was forced to compose last year with the financial uncertainties which dogged Lotus before its buy-out by Renault.

"I think all the experience you have in your life makes you stronger," he concluded.

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