Alonso prepping Stroll to lead Aston 'for the next 10 to 15 years'


Fernando Alonso says his assistance to Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll in last weekend's Azerbaijan Grand Prix reflected his desire to prepare the young Canadian for the responsibility of "leading the team for the next 10 or 15 years."

So far, and contrary to many pre-season predictions, there has been no friction between the always candid Alonso and team owner Lawrence Stroll's son.

Ahead of the start of the 2023 season, the Spaniard publicly stated that he believed Stroll has the speed and talent to fight one day for the world championship, adding that he would readily help the 24-year-old realise his potential.

It's perhaps worth noting that Alonso extending a helping hand to Stroll has come while the F1 veteran has consistently dominated his Aston teammate on the track.

In Baku, as both drivers were running together in the early stages of the race, Stroll informed his team that he would not attack his teammate as "we're both playing the same game".

Later in the race, Alonso communicated a brake balance setting to his crew, suggesting they pass it on to Stroll.

Asked about the chatter, Alonso said it was all about a collaborative effort between the drivers and the team, and also about helping Stroll for the future.

"We talk a lot during the weekend, already from Thursday – what we both felt here in the past, in traffic what we will do, what will be the plan for each of the cars," he explained, quoted by .

"If we feel something in the car during the race that we didn’t speak about and there’s something new that can help the other car, normally we communicate to the team.

"Yeah, it has been like this. I know that I will be in the sport for a few more years but not many, and he will lead the team for the next 10 or 15 years, so I hope I can help Lance in the next few years."

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack applauded his drivers' collaboration, saying it was "fantastic to see".

"It shows the maturity of Lance and Fernando, the way they work together, the way they also act with each other," he said.

"They have clearly understood that our opponents are not the [other] green car, but others, and I think if we can manage to keep this harmony between the two, pushing each other but also helping each other where it matters, it will only benefit us in the long run."

Krack disagreed however with the working relationship between Alonso and Stroll being characterized as one between "big brother and little brother".

"Lance is not a little brother, they are both equal level," he insisted.
"You have many times where Fernando looks at what Lance is doing and vice versa, so I think they are proper team-mates, not big brother and little brother.

"You can say older and younger perhaps."

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