Jordan: Verstappen set to become 'the greatest of all time'


Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan believes two-time world champion Max Verstappen is on his way to becoming Grand Prix racing's GOAT - "the greatest of all time".

While debating the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time can be engaging and insightful, comparing the merits of drivers from different eras is also challenging due to significant changes over the years in technology, regulations, safety standards, and the overall competitive landscape of Formula 1.

It's therefore difficult to draw direct comparisons between drivers who raced under vastly different conditions.

With seven titles each, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher statistically stand alone at the top of the sport's list of multi world champions, ahead of the likes of Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart or Jim Clark

Three-time F1 world champion Ayrton Senna celebrates on the podium in Brazil in 1993 with the great Juan Manuel Fangio.

But Formula 1 is not solely about numbers and records, it's also about the emotional connection and impact drivers have on fans and the sport itself.

However, Jordan reckons that over time, Verstappen, who currently leads the 2023 championship, will be judged as the best driver in Formula 1's history.

The Irishman explains the rationale behind his projection.

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"For me, I really do believe in time, he will turn out to be the greatest driver of all time, subject to him being safe and well for a very long time," Jordan told David Coulthard on the pair's Formula for Success podcast.

"Because he has such a phenomenal attitude in the car. He's aggressive when he needs to be aggressive. He's tough when he needs to be tough.

"But he's clever as well. He knows how to look after the car."

Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing RB19. 01.04.2023. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 3, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Qualifying Day. -, EMail: © Copyright: Moy / XPB Images

Although Verstappen is Red Bull Racing's main asset, Jordan insists the opposite is also true.

"Another thing in his favour, he has to hope - particularly after the death of Dietrich Mateschitz of Red Bull - that the team stays as strong as it is.

"With the people like Christian [Horner] and Adrian Newey there, I see no real problem in the short term.

"I see Max going from strength to strength, and I would not like to be a driver in Formula 1 at the moment hoping to become a world champion, because I don't know where it's going to come from."

Verstappen is contracted to Red Bull until the end of 2028. But the Dutchman recently took a stand against the sport's ever-expanding calendar and the inclusion of Sprint race weekends, a gimmick his says that goes against the sport's DNA and that takes the shine off Sunday's Grand Prix which should remain in his view the center piece of the race weekend.

Last month, Verstappen reiterated his stance on his future in F1, insisting that if the sport becomes too much of a burden he will simply walk away.

"I always said that even if there wouldn't be any more Sprints, if we keep expanding the calendar and the whole weekend is that long, at one point you question 'is it worth it?' the Red Bull charger told the media in Baku.

"I do like racing, I like winning, I know the salary... you have a good life. But is it actually a good life? Sometimes, you get to the point of your career where you want to do other stuff.

"I am contracted to the end of 2028 and then we will review again. I do feel that if it is getting too much then it is time for a change."

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